New ownership fuels the future for The Switch

On February 20, BEMAC Corporation and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. finalized their purchase of 100% of The Switch shares. The change promotes the business development and growth of The Switch through the extensive experience and network of our new owners.

We at The Switch believe our united strengths make a powerful combination. We are excited to see the future unfold.

Solid future of customer relations

We will continue serving our current and future customers in the marine, wind and high-speed industries as a product supplier. Our relationships with current partners and suppliers are essential to this service. With them, we will continue our excellent customer service. BEMAC and Mitsui’s investment guarantees long-term support of The Switch’s existing products and installed base.

All staff at The Switch are on board and looking forward to busy months ahead. Production will continue in all our current sites in Finland, Norway and China. We have a strong order backlog, which will keep all sites working at full capacity.

The Switch brand name for our products continues to be stronger than ever and will now again be used as the company name. All our products will be marketed under the BEMAC brand.

Future innovations

With the new ownership, we will be able to research and develop even more exciting and useful innovations for our markets. BEMAC and Mitsui are investing in our continuing legacy of exceptional flexibility, customer-focused development and final customer satisfaction.

We also expect to see new opportunities because of our new shareholders, especially in the marine and Japanese markets.

Broader marine impact

BEMAC is one of the largest marine electrical machinery suppliers in Japan and specializes in distribution, control and monitoring technology for marine and industrial applications. It holds a market share of over 50% in the Japanese shipbuilding industry. Mitsui’s business portfolio encompasses shipping and energy development – and the company has a presence in more than 60 countries.

The Switch is well known for its

  • Agility
  • Innovative permanent magnet machines (PMM)
  • Direct-current distribution converters (DC-Hubs)
  • Marine AC single drives
  • High-speed solid rotor induction motors (SRM)

Our advanced PMM technology integrates with shaft generatorsfor large ships and provides propulsion motors for electric vessels and wind power generators. Because this technology is efficient, compact and low maintenance, it offers a sustainable alternative to traditional generators and motors. This positions the company for significant growth in the marine sector.

Our collaboration with the new owners will also promote The Switch’s business growth. Our new shareholders value The Switch’s special electrical machines and high-power converter products and technologies for decarbonization applications. And all parties look forward to a productive and profitable future together.

Get in touch to learn how we can help you make the switch to a zero-emissions future!

President and CEO

Miika Reinikka

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M.Sc (El.eng.) Miika Reinikka is President and CEO of The Switch, Finland. Miika has worked for The Switch in various roles since 2010, including European sales and wind business management, and as managing director since 2020. Prior to joining The Switch, Miika worked in the telecommunications industry for almost 20 years.